• Mohammed Baig, 3rd Year – Civil Engineering 

EWB’s biggest impact on me was definitely through the Junior Fellowship program at Ryerson University. This experience transformed me in ways that I hadn’t even thought possible. After being selected to work in Zambia, there were many professional and personal goals that I wanted to accomplish during my time there.

Moving through the villages, sitting down with farmers and swimming at the edge of Victoria Fallsgave me a lot of confidence in my abilities and who I am as a person. It showed me characteristics of myself that maybe I haven’t seen before or that I may have doubted. Those 4 months, really pushed me out of my comfort zone and demonstrated to me why EWB loves investing in people. Yes it is a risk; but if done right, the satisfaction of it paying off is one of the best feelings ever.

Be it for myself, someone from the community or someone in Zambia.

  • Tanzina Nowshin, 2nd Year – Mechanical Engineering 

  • Amadeus Commisso, 2nd Year – Aerospace Engineering  

EWB has given me the incredible opportunity to expand my interests and knowledge beyond my degree. With the chapter and the organization, I have been able to meet so many incredible people and learn about so many issues affecting the world. But my experience does not end there. Through my continued work with chapter, I hope to give others this experience to learn, grow, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

  • Fahim Khan, 2nd Year – Mechanical Engineering 

EWB to me is a family. A family where everyone strives to give more to others and to find ways to do it in an even more positive and better way. When I started with EWB terms like fair trade, food system, evolving engineering were completely unfamiliar to me. Now after almost two years of involvement, not only that EWB has allowed me to make some new friends or to gain extra curricular experience, but also made me aware of these terms , terms that resonate benevolence and philanthropy and to make someone else’s life a little brighter and smoother.

  • Divya Sharma

  • Devahasan Krishnakumar, 4th Year – Biomedical Engineering

  • Minakshi Suri, 3rd Year – Civil Engineering 

  • Himel Don Khandker, 4th Year – Mechanical Engineering 

  • Ruth Arunachalam, 2nd Year – Mechanical Engineering 

  • Jeremy Bertrand, 4th Year – Civil Engineering 

EWB has been about stepping out of my comfort zone, seeing things from different perspectives, and understanding differences, but most of all its about people. The people you meet through EWB allow you to see all these things; they are some of the most educated, ethical, interesting and all around pleasant people I have ever met. Through these people I have taken on roles where I accomplished things I never thought were possible, these accomplishments were made possible by stepping out of my comfort zone, putting things into perspectives and understanding differences. These aspects are transferable skills; they apply to every walk of life and are invaluable to your success as a human being.

  • Osama Ahmed
  • Miranda Pinto, 3rd Year – Mechanical Engineering 

I’ve been with EWB for three years now, because the connections I’ve made with people nation wide inspires me to use my engineering degree to help those globally.

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